A Health IT Solution that Supports Quality of Care for Defense Health

You’re probably hearing a lot of buzzwords thrown around to justify why one Health IT solution is better than another. But do IT buzzwords like “open source” really make a difference when it comes to the real goal of DHMSM?

What the Leidos Partnership for Defense Health has been focused on from the very beginning – and what we see as the most important aspect of any DHMSM solution – is the ability to support optimal quality of care for our military community.

Our team has created the best solution for DHMSM, built on:

  • Twenty-five years of experience with defense health, including the Military Health System, Veterans Affairs (VA) legacy systems and the modernization of VA systems. Leidos helped the Department of Defense (DoD) manage and modernize its largest health IT system, AHLTA/CHCS.
  • A proven, innovative electronic health record (EHR) platform that was rated the highest in interoperability and configurability categories in the 2013 KLAS Enterprises Report.
  • An EHR solution that is certified by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, and fully compliant with industry standards supporting broad interoperability with existing health systems in Military Health, VA, and commercial/civilian healthcare organizations.

What we have to offer, we do better than any other bidder, and we’ve done longer than any other bidder. Our combined experience puts us in a truly unique position to partner with the DoD and facilitate a smooth transition to a fully interoperable, flexible solution that will allow seamless communications between DoD and VA systems, as well as with commercial hospitals and clinics.

The Leidos Partnership for Defense Health is ready to deploy a solution that equips healthcare providers with an EHR that will enable them to share knowledge and insights for the delivery of healthcare to the more than 9.6 million service members, retirees, veterans and their families.

The bottom line is this: the DoD can trust the Leidos Partnership for Defense Health to confidently and rapidly deploy a solution that will meet DHMSM program requirements and that is flexible and adaptable to allow for new technologies as they emerge. Ours is a solution that the military community and the clinicians who care for them can count on today, and for years to come.