Accenture Study Identifies Top Five Healthcare Investment Priorities for States in the U.S.

In a new report, Accenture outlines the top areas of healthcare reform and investment that will drive innovation in the future. Accenture analyzed the CMS State Health Innovation Plan, and identified the top healthcare investment priorities for states. These investment priorities together represent a reinvention of care delivery. As Kaveh Safavi M.D., global managing director of Accenture’s health practice, explained: “State innovation plans will focus on integrating approaches to healthcare and expanding access to care, driven by the pressing need to improve outcomes and control healthcare costs.”

Accenture’s analysis revealed five specific areas that states are focusing on, including patient-centered medical homes, lower-cost labor models, telehealth, self-service tools, and all-payer claims databases. These new initiatives in care emerge from a larger shift towards family and community-centered care and a convergence of health and human services. Learn more and read the report: “It’s About My Health—Not Healthcare or Human Services”