Cerner Announces HealtheLife App for Apple Watch

With the introduction of Apple’s new Apple Watch into the market last month, developers across industries are launching apps not just customized for Apple Watch, but customized to the new feel of managing one’s life from the wrist.

At HIMSS 2015, Cerner announced that its patient health-management app, HealtheLife, would be available for Apple Watch. The app will enable Apple Watch users to track an array of personal health data, and support better communication of that data to providers and clinicians. Cerner’s Brian Carter, senior director and general manager, personal health, said “Apple Watch is the next evolution of keeping consumers plugged in and up to date, helping them provide physicians with actionable data anytime, not just what’s collected at the doctor’s office.”

HealtheLife can even stream biometric data collected by wearables to the Cerner Millennium electronic medical record. Last month, Cerner began initial deployments with Emory Healthcare and Agnesian HealthCare. The use of the app will give both patients and providers access to a biometric feedback loop that can ultimately help them collaboratively manage health – a trend that’s only growing as more and more advanced wearable devices enter the market and as consumer adoption of wearables grows.

The release of HealtheLife for Apple Watch is only one of the steps Cerner has taken in helping to leverage data collected through wearables to enhance electronic health records – and by extension, the relationship between patients and providers. Learn more about the release of HealtheLife for Apple Watch here: