Cerner Goes Above and Beyond to Prepare for Successful EHR Launches

Preparation is the key to success. This is true in life as it is when implementing a new EHR system. Recently, Cerner helped install a new EHR system for Via Christi Health, a hospital system with over 8,000 clinical and administrative professionals, through an “above and beyond” approach to preparation and training.

First, to prepare for the new system to go live, the physicians, nurses, techs and other users at Via Christi needed classroom training and places to conduct the trainings. Working with Via Christi, the team dedicated tens of thousands of square feet to be training environments, which enabled the employees at Via Christi to receive an average of 14 hours of training.

Next, having each class led by an instructor who knows the software is the bare minimum. Having multiple trainers and support staff is even better. At Via Christi, the primary instructors were assisted in the classes by multiple aides, or proctors, who circulated the room answering any questions. The team also implemented a “train the trainer” model to be a force multiplier and reach more trainees.

EHR implementations can often have challenges along the way, but with the right preparation and going above and beyond when necessary, a large organization can ensure a seamless transition to a new system. Read more on Cerner’s blog.