Cerner Helps Health Facilities Provide Safer Patient Care

Improving quality of care for patients is no small task, especially for large organizations like Virginia Commonwealth University Health System (VCUHS). But powerful health IT that makes patient data shareable and instantly accessible, like the EHR system provided by Cerner, can help health facilities make significant and measurable improvements to their quality of care.

Ten years ago, VCUHS set a goal for itself: to become a safer health system with zero events of preventable harm to patients, employees and visitors. More than just achieving regulatory compliance, VCUHS wanted to offer patients the safest health care in the country. Advanced health IT provided by Cerner has been the key to VCUHS achieving that goal.

Cerner helped VCUHS implement a powerful EHR system that processes the facility’s more than 2.5 million transactions every day. Thanks to Cerner’s solution, nurses get accurate, immediate patient data from all specialty disciplines across the continuum of care. The nurses can quickly assess at-risk patients with the Safety Dashboard, which displays key indicators of a patient’s care and health status such as fall risk, presence of I.V. lines, and surgical drains. As a result, VCUHS has reduced the rates of patient falls and falls with injuries by 50%. The Medical Early Warning System and Pediatric Early Warning System now employed continuously monitor the acuity and severity of patient symptoms. Since launching these systems, there has been a 5% reduction in in-house mortality and a 30% reduction in cardiopulmonary arrests outside the intensive care unit. Cerner has helped VCUHS improve its care through efficient and streamlined health IT, creating a healthier patient population.

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