Device integration drives patient satisfaction, increased productivity

Medical devices are a critical part of the clinical workflow – especially in an acute care setting. The integration of devices into the EHR is the next frontier for health IT, and the ability to do this integration at the edge is critical to improve quality while at the same time improving cost. Devices generate important medical data that clinical staff rely on to manage their patients’ care. Having access to this data in real-time can alert clinicians to changes in patient status, which impacts the care we provide.

Cerner is leading the charge on device integration, creating a program called the Smart Room. The Smart Room is a collection of health care technology solutions that improve clinical workflows and engage patients in the process of care. They bridge the gap between medical devices, clinical applications and real-time patient information through CareAware.

Already, Cerner’s work is paying off. At the NCN Healthcare Center, the automated documentation of Cerner’s real-time vitals collection solution helped patient care technicians save more than 14 minutes per vitals round – a significant time savings. As patient care technicians capture vitals three times per round, the Smart Room saves technicians 42 minutes per shift. Additionally, nurses are now receiving the necessary patient alerts immediately, meaning they can be more responsive and have a better understanding for their patients’ needs.

Each and every day, hospitals around the country are making similar improvement in patient care due to Cerner’s innovations. Read more on Cerner’s blog: