Doctors’ EMR Proficiency on the Rise

A new survey released by Accenture at the HIMSS15 conference in mid-April reveals important insights into how doctors are adopting and using electronic medical records (EMR) and using the same technology to engage patients. The survey reached doctors in six countries, including the United States, Brazil, England, Norway, Singapore and Australia.

According to Kaveh Safavi, global managing director and health business lead at Accenture, “The findings underscore the importance of adopting both technology and new care processes, as some leading health systems have already done, while ensuring that existing shortcomings in patient care are not further magnified by digitalization. The U.S. healthcare market has made remarkable progress in EMR adoption, and we believe that as the technology evolves, so too will the benefits to physicians and patient care.”

Across the six-countries surveyed, most (80 percent) doctors are more proficient using EMR in clinical practice today than two years ago. Doctors also reported that patient updating of EMR improves patient satisfaction (84 percent) and engagement (82 percent). What’s more, most doctors across all countries surveyed reported that EMR and HIE positively impact their practices. Positive impacts include reducing medical errors (78 percent) and improving the quality of treatment decisions (74 percent).

Advances in healthcare technologies, including EHRs, hold tremendous potential to help physicians deliver well-informed care and improve patient outcomes. But these goals cannot be achieved through technology alone. Studies like this, backed by our first-hand experience, are critical tools to inform our change-management and implementation programs, which support successful transitions to and ongoing use of modern, interoperable EHR solutions.

Learn more about the survey and see the results here: