Health information exchange in Oklahoma

Dr. Brian Yeaman understands that patient care goes beyond the four walls of his clinic in Norman, Oklahoma. Health care is everywhere, and through Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), Cerner is making it easier for Dr. Yeaman’s patients to get the right care no matter where they see a doctor.

Over the past few years, the Oklahoma City Hospital Council has connected hospitals, clinics and nursing homes through SMRTNet, Oklahoma’s statewide HIE. The system has created a “global record” for patients – one EHR that follows them to nearly every health facility in the state. SMRTNet gives doctors and nurses the ability to see a snapshot of their patient’s health record, making them more effective and more accurate in assessing health care needs.

Dr. Yeaman and his team spoke recently about Cerner and SMRTNet’s positive impact on his work. Watch the video on Cerner’s blog: