Key Trends in Digital Business: Intelligent Enterprise

Machines are getting smarter every day as consumer demands for intelligent technology grow, and as engineers embed increasingly complex intelligence algorithms into next-generation software. This trend, detailed in the Accenture Technology Vision 2015, is driving new levels of operational efficiency, evolution and innovation in business and consumer technologies.

Today, data-driven decisions are the foundation of successful, competitive companies. But organizations often struggle with analyzing and using the scope of data available to them. But now, unprecedented processing power is enabling smart software to leverage superabundant data to make independent, strategically valuable business decisions. Smarter software is also becoming more adaptive – meaning that digital intelligence can evolve in real time, learning from decisions made in the past to innovate even further in the future.

From a health IT standpoint, intelligent enterprise can mean enhanced clinical decision-making. It opens the door to powerful predictive modeling for public and individual patient health. Already, health IT companies are using health data science and data analytics to build software that can successfully predict and prevent health risks among populations – and to offer better service to patients in clinical settings.

Intelligent enterprise is improving software functionality, enhancing worker productivity, identifying potential new customers and improving customer satisfaction. Learn more about this important tech trend in the Accenture Technology Vision 2015.