Key Trends in Digital Business: The Internet of Me

The recently released Accenture Technology Vision 2015 report highlights several groundbreaking trends that every business must learn to navigate in order to be successful today and far into the future.

The first trend identified in the report is the “Internet of Me,” the idea that companies should leverage digital channels to create highly personalized experiences that engage and exhilarate consumers. Beyond tailoring experiences to an individual’s demographic, businesses are starting to embrace the challenge of tailoring experiences directly to the individual.

Examples of this approach abound: We now use devices on our clothes that monitor our personal health. Cars can tell our home thermostat when we will return home and can adjust our home’s temperature accordingly. Smartphones can tell us the shortest line at a sporting event or the best coupon to use at the store we’re standing in at that very moment. For the Partnership, this speaks volumes about growing patient hunger for access to new health IT, and for the integration of a wide variety of medical and personal health devices into EHR technologies.

Indeed, consumers are becoming accustomed and even demanding this “Internet of Me” experience – and businesses are responding. In fact, eighty-one percent of businesses say providing a personalized customer experience is among their top three organizational priorities.

But where should a business start?

Accenture offers several tips in its 100-day plan for successfully utilizing the Internet of Me.

  • First, use customer data to discover what connected devices customers currently use and to identify customer segments.
  • Next find emerging technologies that can supplement your product or service by providing new channels to your customer.
  • Also, appoint a business team to develop the best end-user experience.
  • Finally, assess your current technology capabilities and ensure you have adequate back-end architecture and data storage capabilities.

The Internet of Me is just beginning widespread adoption. To read more tips from Accenture on how to embrace the Internet of Me, read the Accenture Technology Vision 2015 report.