Legislature, Policy and the Legal Environment for Interoperability—Accenture Video

Experts from Leidos Partnership member Accenture and Intermountain, a strategic advisor to the Partnership, joined with Federal News Radio to discuss how recent legislation aimed at healthcare and the VA may impact interoperable, industrialized and insight-driven healthcare nationally. In both the public and private sector, care providers are seeking alignment between records and IT systems. But, as Accenture’s Dr. Kaveh Safavi explains, getting health systems to speak the same language is a complicated process. Setting standards for this communication is critical for facilitating interoperability across all health systems and creating a path towards insight-driven care. Jim Traficant of Accenture also acknowledged the efforts of the Department of Defense to drive out care inconsistency and improve the quality of care delivery through interoperability.
Watch the video here of Jim Traficant, Managing Director for Accenture Federal Services and President of ASM Research; Dr. Kaveh Safavi, Healthcare Global Managing Director at Accenture; and Stan Huff, Chief Medical Informatics Officer of Intermountain Healthcare discussing how interoperability will impact the federal health space.