Patient Benefits from Achieving a Paperless Environment

Achieving HIMSS Analytics Stage 7, a paperless environment where hardcopy charts are no longer needed, is the ultimate goal for many healthcare providers. When achieved, Stage 7 enables true sharing and use of patient data that improves process performance, quality of care, and patient safety. But more importantly, how can it improve the patient experience?

As a leader in health IT, Cerner knows the patient experience improves when a paperless EMR system is fully achieved. When fully paperless, a patient can utilize additional EMR features. For examples, a paperless environment allows patients to have a very robust patient portal to access important portions of their health records and to communicate securely with their physicians.

A paperless system also improves a patient’s trust in their level of care. When in a paperless environment, the EMR and its integration across all venues produces a certain amount of ‘stickiness’ for patients. Patients start to see that they do not have to be the glue connecting providers because the EMR system is already doing that. They begin to realize that because of the EMR unifying all providers in a specific system, when you see one provider, you literally have seen all of them.

In the future, patients are going to demand connectivity, and Cerner is working to anticipate and meet that demand. But technology is not a substitution for human interaction. Regardless of the information system or the healthcare system used, ultimately it’s a personal relationship that dictates who you choose as your physician; technology simply augments and amplifies that positive patient experience. Read more on Cerner’s blog: