Seniors Gone Digital: Accenture study finds more seniors want online access to medical records

“Seniors are going digital. Medicare plans must do the same. It is no longer a question of it. It is a question of how-and when,” Accenture’s recently released Healthcare Consumer Survey said.

The digital age is no longer just for the younger generation. The survey found that seniors are becoming more active on the Internet, including when it comes to managing their healthcare.

The research discovered that 67 percent of Americans 64 and older think it is important to have online access to their medical records. Within this group, Medicare consumers were online at least once a day and 56 percent of them visited their health plans’ website at least once in the past 12 months.

When asked about their online health preferences, seniors responded that they want the ability to refill prescriptions, email providers and book appointments online.

But that’s not all seniors want from their digital experience. The survey shows that they want full access to their EHRs: 83 percent of U.S. seniors thought they should have full access to their EHRs, but only 28 percent actually did.

Studies like this give our Partnership a deeper understanding of the impact EHRs and ready access to comprehensive personal health data will have on each generation of American service men and women, their families and our veterans throughout their lives.

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