Supporting Military Readiness: Henry Schein’s History Working with the Department of Defense

Dental health is a critical component of military readiness, and, according to the National Journal, is “the most common reason that soldiers can’t deploy.” Henry Schein is committed to helping the Department of Defense achieve military readiness by offering access to top-quality dental health supplies, as well as electronic dental records through its leading Dentrix Enterprise technology. The Leidos Partnership for Defense Health is proud to include Dentrix Enterprise in the suite of services we are offering to the Department of Defense to achieve the open, modern, interoperable solution needed to achieve and maintain military readiness, and meet the goals of the DHMSM program.

Henry Schein has a long history of supporting those who serve our nation by providing supplies to the U.S. government, including the Department of Defense, the Veterans Health Administration and the U.S Public Health Service/Indian Health Service. Our defense and veterans partnerships include a decentralized purchasing agreement with the Department of Defense, a prime vendor dental contract with the U.S. Army Dental Command and a federal supply schedule expansion from approximately 400 items to more than 40,000 products and services.

The company’s ability to meet federal purchasing regulations and requirements, and technical advances in both online and electronic data interchange (EDI) ordering, positioned Henry Schein as a prime candidate to participate in the modernization of the federal procurement process. Henry Schein’s online system was adopted for the U.S. Army Dental command for use by their dental clinics for all purchases. Later, the company’s capability in EDI transactions allowed us to partner with the Defense Department in creating a purchasing program for all military dental clinics. Henry Schein’s capability in logistics, administration and our full product offering has earned the company recognition as a highly qualified and reliable supplier to this specialized market.

The Leidos Partnership for Defense Health is dedicated to providing a complete health IT solution that supports the mission of the military, from innovative, leading medical and dental health technology that gives clinicians the information they need to provide the best-informed care, to change-management and implementation expertise that has delivered programs of similar size on-time and on-budget. Learn more about Henry Schein’s Dentrix Enterprise solution at