The Secret to CPOE success

Computerized physician order entry (CPOE) is one of many digitization efforts taking place in health care today, and Cerner is on the leading edge of these projects. While CPOE represents a major shift in physician workflow, these systems have the capacity to provide significant benefits in the form of improved quality of care and increased efficiency. Through the right system design, Cerner is able to work with healthcare partners to ensure a high rate of adoptability.

Cerner’s design vision is really about making sure that doing the right thing is the easier path. Cerner continually focuses on streamlining the content and workflow so that it works logically for the physician. The system should make sense and be easy for the physician to learn. The physician process has been studied from beginning to end to identify issues with the design, and Cerner is continually making improvements. Cerner also continually receives feedback from partners on how to improve system usability so we can keep improving the design for the end-users. This process of continual feedback and improvement allows Cerner to improve CPOE adoption rates and make the system easy for all physicians to use. Read more on Cerner’s blog: